The CAE Experiment:

High Performance Technical Computing at Your Fingertips, the next Utility?

This is an open invitation to members of the CAE community to join us for a 3-month experiment, where we will apply the cloud computing service model to workloads on remote Cluster Computing resources in the areas of Computer Aided Engineering.

With the limits of our current workstations often unable to provide enough memory, simulations taking too long, and the number of jobs too small to get quality results, we are looking for increasing our available computing power beyond our workstations. Should we buy or rent? Buying additional compute power leads us to all kinds of challenges in the context of a high-performance compute cluster acquisition. Now, recently, the other option, renting resources, became more attractive, with the advent of Cloud Computing.

However, here, we face additional challenges such as security and data privacy, incompatible licensing models, moving data back and forth, and a dozen others challenges, so that it’s time to experiment how to achieve the benefits of the cloud computing model for the CAE community.

You can participate in this experiment as an industrial end-user in need of instant additional computing power accessible remotely. We will identify for you the best suited resource provider, contact your software provider if necessary and ask for joining the team, and an HPTC expert who helps to implement your application and data onto the remote resource. There is no money involved for participating in this hands-on experiment. We are all just curious to study the end-to-end process of putting the ‘Team of Four’ together, look for computational resource for your CAE application, implement and run your workload, and get you the final results.
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